Copy of the Apology Manuscript

This piece of calligraphic artwork by Gemma Black was created to commemorate the first anniversary of the National Apology to Australia’s Indigenous Peoples. The original manuscript, currently on display in Parliament House, had a facsimile of it sent out to almost 10,000 schools across Australia in 2009. Organisations can request a facsimile be sent to them by filling out the form below.

Personalised Video For Schools of Functions

Personalized video addresses concerning the Apology and featuring Mr. Rudd can be requested for functions, websites or school assemblies. To increase the likelihood of a video address being made, please put in your request well before the date of the event.

Please note that there is no guarantee that requests will be completed.

If your school, charity or social group would like to make a request for one of the above items, then please submit all required information below.

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